Language & Vocab

This is the post excerpt.


Language is innate, complicated and frustrating at times; but, we, as humans posses it.  Learning how to convey our hopes, dreams and opinions can only be acquired through mastering vocabulary.  I hope to document my reflections about vocabulary strategies that I have found and communicate the progress of my action research project.


Process to progress!

I am so excited because I finally got the go ahead for the staff survey from my principal!!! Now, I can start collecting data for my RQ!

I am also getting to interview a couple of key teachers at my school that will be able to give me some additional insight into the diverse needs of African ELL students.  Tomorrow, I will send out the survey and start making some progress that I can measure…


I read an article today about how anxiety in children can manifethe st itself in many ways including acting out which can be seen as ADHD symptoms.  One of the key points was how anxious students are often incapable of waiting.  While I do not consider myself particularly anxious, I am tired of waiting to get what I need for my study!

In the education field, it seems like there are so many more instances where collaboration with others is necessary and that is something that can be time-consuming and cause anxiety when the others do not follow the same time line.

I am taking a little time today to just wait.  Wait, because good things come to those who wait or at least that is what I have been told.  While I am waiting, I am rethinking my paper and the goal.  My goal is still to benefit my students, future and present.  However, the reality that anyone outside of this class will read my paper is incredibly unlikely.  But, my goal remains because I can share my findings through my classroom and future mentoring with other teachers.

Focus: benefit students through best practices

Complications:  students have multiple native languages

interrupted schooling

different school systems

Participants: Teachers and Administration

Possible Items to Include in Research:  foundation of Language Acquisition

different techniques of teaching language

studies working with same basic focus

???…waiting, thinking…




So, my principal observed me last spring and gave me some advice: Shelena, you’re a bit like a butterfly flittering around, settle down and focus.

I have to laugh at myself as I find that same advice relevant in this study.  I spoke with our professor & she helped me realize that I was stretching myself too thin. So, I am refocusing on the teacher perspectiveand working from there. Granted, it is still a process to get the survey approved by my principal but it is in the works and I am getting some time to focus my reading on the best practices for vocabulary acquisition.

Frustrations Abound!

So far, the process of the action research has just been a source of stress!

I feel totally unprepared for all that we are doing and aggravated that I have come this far along with the feelings of inadequency concerning my work.

I submitted my proposal packet to the IRB and after a two week wait, I received word back that I had not included enough information and needed to revise. So, I revised and resent and got notice back on Thursday that my proposal was approved.  I have been working on the items to distribute to my target participants but was inable to get them finished for distribution before the end of school on Friday.  Hopefully, I will be able to distibute consent forms and start collecting data this week…

Vocabulary Strategies

I started teaching French 1 & 2 four years ago.  I thought I knew how to teach others, I was wrong! I learned that teaching is more than just knowing the content and even more than enjoying the content that I studied.

I found that what I needed was a better understaning of strategies that would enhance the vocabulary of my students, so I started by asking my students what worked or not for them.  I asked them questions about each activity or presentation I did, I got their feedback and I listened.  Sometimes, I changed things completely while other times I tweaked an activity to include more learning styles.

From the basic desire to engage my students grew a concern for my students whose native language was not English, specifically the languages and dialects from Africa.